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ZOOMAnnotated Bibliography:WatchmenResearch An Annotated Bibliography is a document that students create so they can both summarize and analyze their researched sources. By creating this document, you will be able to use your critical thinking skills to determine whether your sources are credible, accurate, and relevant for the research paper you will be writing on Watchmen. For thisAnnotated Bibliography, you will be providing the source information, a brief summary, andrhetorical analysis in a paragraphfor each of your credible sources. Here is a checklist to help you complete the assignment:ï??You must have a focused topicthat falls under one of the five critical approaches: Psychological, Gender, Marxist, Ecocriticism, or Historical.ï??You must have 3-5credible sources: scholarly articles and books you retrieved from the Grossmont College Library.ï??These sources should be organized alphabetically by authorâ??s last name, and you should include the MLA citation for each source at the end of the document in a complete Works Cited Page.ï??Fill out orrefertothe â??Annotated Bibliography Source Worksheetâ? for help drafting each oneof your source paragraphs.Use this as a checklist.ï??You must use MLA formatting for this document.ï??Each paragraph should be a minimum of 150 words.

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